Hollywood Design Pro

About Us

Why “Hollywood”? What started as a nickname has come to symbolize our emphasis on giving every project the “star treatment” to help each business shine in a galaxy of competitors.

Nice to meet you.

We’re Holly and Anna, sisters based in Phoenix, Arizona who happen to be into design. We’ve been providing professional design services to clients all over the United States since 2008.

We work regularly with everyone from marketing agencies to sole-proprietors to bands to restaurants, providing high quality designs for websites and collateral.

Holly Nabil

Holly Nabil

Web / Print Design

I come from a background in TV where I won an Emmy for retro set design. I now live in Photoshop and love colorizing vintage black and white photos from classic films.

Anna Jonas

Anna Jonas

Graphic / Print Design

I’m into creating cinemagraphs (English translation: animated GIFs), photography, and working in my garden.