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uuuGeneral Design Questions

I live in another state – can we work together?
Absolutely! We frequently work with clients who live throughout the United States and worldwide. Not only can we do a typical design project 100% remotely, but we prefer it that way – it’s actually more efficient for us and cost-effective for you.

Peek into your design in-the-making by logging in for a quick session with us to review the progress and make suggestions in real time.

What does all of this cost?
Pricing depends on what you need created and in what time frame, so we recommend requesting our rate sheet. Take a moment to fill out our free quote request form and we’ll send back a no-hassle estimate of what your project will cost.

Do you offer reduced rates or pro bono work for charity / religious / nonprofit projects?
Each year, we accept a limited number of pro bono projects for charities and special interests, and have currently reached the maximum we can accommodate through 2020. Although we’d still like to work with you for a good cause, we can’t take on any more reduced-rate projects or clients at this time.

Print / Advertising Design

If I get something designed here, can I get it printed, too?
Depends on what you need created. If we’re not able to provide you with a print product in-hand, we can help point you in the right direction – we have lots of suggestions and a great list of contacts to whom we are happy to refer you.

Typical requests we are able to accommodate include business card design and printing and letterhead / envelope design and printing, shipped direct to your door. We are happy to provide you with rates for these services. Just ask!

Website Design / Maintenance

I just want a simple web presence. What’s the cost?

We can turn out a single-page design that encompasses all the points you’d like a landing page to feature. Next up the ladder is a ‘basic’ website, priced under $2,000, however we are more than happy to discuss the rate depending on your situation. Times are hard – getting your business online should be easy and affordable, so just ask!

What materials do I need to get started?
If you’re new to this end of the web, don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it. A few things you’ll need:

  1. Domain name
  2. Web hosting
  3. Examples of websites that feature elements that you feel would work well with your business

How do I maintain my website after it is live?
We will provide you with all of the access information you or a tech will need to keep your website updated in the future. Or, if you prefer, we can provide simple maintenance whenever you require it – maintenance is offered at a flat hourly rate, so combine your updates and get more bang for your buck!

My web guy is too busy to help, can you just make a quick change?
We get this a lot – your existing site has something urgent that needs to be updated, but your regular web person is unable to get to it right now. Sure, we can help, at a flat hourly rate.

Can you program my website?
No, we do not provide advanced programming services (ie, e-Commerce, Joomla, PHP, ASP). We can get your site up and running using standard HTML/CSS or a WordPress platform. If you feel you will need customized coding beyond this, we can assist in designing the appearance of your website, and then will provide the necessary files to an outside programmer of your choice who can implement the designs into the site’s structure.

Do you provide web hosting?
No, we do not provide web hosting for our clients. We recommend or for your domain and web hosting needs and would love to help you get everything setup if you’re new to the online world.

Need design help?

We're currently accepting select design projects. Please drop us a line and let us know what your needs are!