Frequently Asked Questions

General Design Topics

What does design cost?

Pricing depends on what you need created and in what time frame, so we recommend requesting our rate sheet.

Take a moment to drop us a line for a free quote request and we’ll send back an estimate of what your project may cost.

Can you work on a tight deadline?
A majority of our projects are due “yesterday”, so we’re accustomed to working on tight schedules. However, in certain circumstances rates may be higher due to time constraints on existing projects.
I live in another state, can we work together?

Absolutely! We regularly work with clients who live throughout the United States and even worldwide.

Not only can we do a typical design project 100% remotely, but we prefer it that way – it’s actually more efficient for us and cost-effective for you.

It’s even possible to peek into your design in-the-making by logging in for a quick screen-sharing session with us to review the progress and make suggestions in real time.

Do you do pro-bono or charity work?

Each year, we accept a limited number of pro bono projects for faith-based projects, charities and special interests, and have currently reached the maximum we can accommodate through 2020.

Although we’d still like to work with you for a good cause, we can’t take on any more reduced-rate projects or clients at this time.

Can you get my stuff printed?

Depends on what you need created. If we’re not able to provide you with a print product in-hand, we can supply you with the digital files necessary to have printed locally wherever you live.

Typical print requests we are able to accommodate include business card design and printing and letterhead / envelope design and printing, shipped direct to your door.

We are happy to provide you with rates for these services. Just ask!

Can you run my social media?
No, we do not manage or maintain social media accounts for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We design graphics for cover photos and profile images that you may use on your accounts.

Web Design Topics

I want a simple website, what does it cost?

We can turn out a single-page design that encompasses all the points you’d like a landing page to feature.

Next up the ladder is a ‘basic’ website, priced under $2,000.

How do I edit my site after launch?

We are happy to provide you with all of the access information that you or someone on your team will need to keep your website updated in the future.

Or, if you prefer, we can provide simple maintenance whenever you require it – future maintenance is offered at either a monthly or a flat hourly rate.

We provide affordable packages designed to help you maintain the behind-the-scenes updates necessary to keep your website running safely and smoothly.

Click here to see maintenance packages and pricing.

My web guy is busy, can you edit for me?

We get this question a lot – your existing site has something urgent that needs to be updated, but your regular web person is unable to get to it right now. 

In most situations, we’re definitely able to help, depending on how your existing website was built and what platform it’s on.


Can you do custom development?

No, we do not provide advanced programming services (ie, e-Commerce, Joomla, PHP, ASP).

Our main area of focus is the CMS system WordPress, which allows us to most efficiently design websites for small business owners and “hand over the keys” when we’re done, if desired.

Can you do e-commerce / shopping?

No, we do not provide advanced programming services such as e-commerce or shopping websites. 

If you’re looking for an affordable DIY option for an online store, try Shopify, Wix or Squarespace. 

Where do I get web hosting, domains, etc?
If you’re looking for an easy and affordable web hosting option, we recommend GoDaddy or BlueHost for your domain and web hosting needs.

Other reputable hosts include:

If the phrase “web hosting” is Greek to you, we’re happy to guide you along the way and help you get everything setup without lifting a finger. Read about our favorite web hosts here.

How do I get my site to show first in Google?

There’s a way to get your website to show up in Google search results, and it’s called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. 

What is SEO? Basically, SEO requires a lot of content (translation: a lot of text) on your website, and a lot of expertise in how to best employ that content to outrank your competitors online. 

We can get your site SEO ready by adding industry-recommended plugins and basic SEO elements to your website including title tags, meta descriptions and alt tags for each page of the website. These are the elements which show up in a Google search result which lists your website.

While we don’t provide SEO services, we can definitely make recommendations on who you need to talk to if you’re serious about ranking online.