Image Editing


From digital airbrushing to vintage photo restoration, let our Photoshop work for you.

Photoshop Services We Offer

Photo Retouching

Better known as Photoshopping, we can provide digital retouching for photos like headshots, team photos, or fine tuning such as airbrushing details out of an image.
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Some common Photoshop requests include:

  • Remove blemishes
  • Smooth skin / erase wrinkles
  • Change image backgrounds
  • Alter colors

Photo Colorization

Bring your classic vintage photographs of yesteryear to life in vibrant color with digital tinting or colorization.
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Some common photo tinting / colorization requests include:

  • Colorizing vintage wedding photos
  • Colorizing antique / historical photos
  • Adding spots of color in a black and white photo

Photo Manipulation

Yeah, we can remove that weird guy from your otherwise perfect bridal party portrait or remove the gigantic ketchup stain that ruined that cool photo of you. Pretend your 20-year reunion really looked like this.

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We get a lot of requests such as:

  • Piecing together family reunion portraits if some members are missing
  • Removing unattractive backgrounds / settings
  • Removing people from group photos
  • Digital weight loss, let’s erase some pounds!