Web Maintenance 

Your newborn website needs its monthly bottle of nourishing software updates to stay healthy.

Keeping your site up-to-date is essential to safeguard against hackers, data loss, and the sands of time. Our monthly WordPress maintenance packages include:

Regular monthly backups

Software and plugin updates

Malware cleanup if hacked


Maintenance Plan Benefits

Website Backups

Regular backups ensure that your site can be restored if there’s a problem.

WordPress Core Update

WordPress is the platform that runs your site and requires regular updates to guard against security vulnerabilities.

Plugin Updates

Your website uses several plugins which are part of its backbone. Plugins require at least monthly updates.

Theme Update

Your website’s “theme” or template requires regular updates which provide newer features and security fixes.

Database Optimization

Over time, your website’s database can bloat with outdated and unnecessary data. Clearing the excess helps the site run more smoothly.

Malware Cleanup

If your website is hacked, we can get the infection cleaned and your site restored to normal.

Site Reports

Get summarized reports on your site’s stats including uptime and details on tasks that were performed.

Uptime Monitoring

We’ll monitor the status of your site and take action if it goes down for an extended period.

Link Monitor

This tool regularly scans your entire WordPress site to make sure there aren’t any broken links frustrating your visitors.



Monthly Packages & Pricing


Maintenance Plan FAQ

How do I pay for a Maintenance Package?
All Maintenance Packages are billed automatically on a monthly basis. In order to take advantage of one of our packages, it is required that a credit card be placed on file to be billed monthly for the package of your choosing.
Are there contracts involved?
Each monthly Maintenance Plan is locked in for 6 months. After 6 months, the package may be cancelled at any time.
Do the plans only apply to WordPress sites?
Yes, our maintenance packages apply only to WordPress websites.
Can you make edits or changes to my site?
Our maintenance plans do not cover edits or updates to the content (meaning layout, colors, text or images) of your website. Maintenance covers only behind-the-scenes updates for software, plugins and security features.

Edits or updates to the content of your website will be billed at an hourly rate.

What is Malware Cleanup?
Malware refers to malicious software or coding that is injected into websites by hackers with the intent of damaging devices, stealing data, and causing trouble.

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) but this also makes WordPress websites a potential target for hackers.

Outdated software will often expose vulnerabilities within the website which can be exploited by hackers. Outdated core software, plugins and themes are some of the most common causes of hacked WordPress websites.

Malware Cleanup removes the malicious code from your website and restores it to a clean state.

What is a WordPress Core Update?
WordPress core files are the PHP and related source files that form the basis for the functionality of WordPress websites. WordPress releases core updates on a periodic basis several times each year.

When the WordPress core files are not regularly updated, your website’s security risk increases and new WordPress features and bug fixes are missed.

A WordPress Core Update loads the most current version of WordPress onto your website.

What is Database Optimization?
Over time, your website’s database will increase in size as it houses revisions to the website, images, old data and even spam comments.

A Database Optimization helps to tidy the database to reduce the “bloat” that happens over time.

What is a Site Report?
A Site Report is available in our Pro and Deluxe packages and is a PDF summary of the updates and edits that were performed on your website during the month.

The report will be emailed to you on a monthly basis.